Properly created atmosphere not only relaxes, but also enhances the sensations of eromassage. It’s not just the apartment or the music playing from the speakers that matters here, but also the light. There are plenty of ways to create erotic lighting.

The method of creating erotic lighting in our salon “MountainEro” in the city of Mountainview, you can choose for yourself. Just contact our administrator before starting the session.

Regardless of what type of lighting you choose, do not forget about safety precautions.

Among them:

  • Candles are a classic, because they create an erotic semi-darkness. It is better to choose the light from which is warm and soft. If you add red or burgundy colors to the interior, for example, in the form of curtains, fabric partitions for zoning, the intimacy of the moment will increase. By the way, when choosing candles with a smell, make sure that it is not refreshing, toilet.

  • Colored light bulbs. It is the options with dusting that help. Such light bulbs are screwed in instead of the usual ones to ensure a romantic mood for yourself and your partner. Another option is to reinforce the feeling of being in an interior. Individual light bulbs can be replaced with garlands.

  • Aroma lamps. Their advantage is that they not only create semi-darkness, but also exude an exciting aroma, act as aphrodisiacs, if you choose the right oils. Incense sticks work on the same principle, although they quickly burn out.

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